About us

We are A2 Locksport. We are the Ann Arbor chapter of TOOOL, an international locksport organization. In short, we pick locks for fun. Everybody has their own reasons. Many are security professionals, be it IT, physical, or personal. Many enjoy the mental challenge, others find a thrill in cracking a puzzle that was thought uncrackable.

We meet once a month – time and location available in the calendar – to talk locks, security, and just have fun. All are welcome. We occasionally help run tables and/or events in line with the group’s interests.


Is this legal?
Though the laws vary from state to state, it is legal to purchase and own lockpicks in Michigan. We do have rules, however. Don’t pick a lock you rely on, and don’t pick a lock that you don’t own.

Do I need to bring anything to the meetings?
Nope. If you have picks or locks, you’re encouraged to bring them. If you don’t, however, there’s always plenty to go around.

Are there any dues?
Right now, and for the foreseeable future, there are no dues.

Where can I get tools?
TOOOL sells a few nifty kits. SouthOrd also has a wide variety of tools. If you’re not sure what to get, just pick up a small set with a torsion tool and a couple picks. Once you get a feel for what you like, you can pick up a more expensive set.
For the really crafty people, you can fashion your own tools with a dremel or file, and bits of steel. The metal bits from a windshield wiper blade make a decent torsion tool, and hack saw blades can be filed down into a variety of picks.