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Rule #2

Never pick a lock that you rely upon.

On the security of locks

We go to various events throughout the year teaching people how to pick locks. There’s a handful of questions that always come up. As I’m reading some of Chubb’s writings, this strikes me as relevant. This comes after the robbing

Some cool old locks

I just wanted to post about some of these cool locks that showed up to our meeting this week. A newbie showed up with a box full of fun things. Pictured below are an Egyptian lock that he says is

Lock teardown

Great video of a tear down of a great lock.

This is why I don’t put my locks online Not everything needs to be connected to the Internet.

Locksport References

Elvencraft compiled a handy list of locksport references; books, videos, groups, anything you might be searching for.

Lockpick earrings

Just in time for, um, I don’t know. Some holiday.

Open a Master lock with a zip tie

I’m going to have to try a few things around the house.

TSA Master Keys

Oops. Washington post published a picture of the TSA master keys. Now you can 3D print your own.

Maker Faire 2015

We’re setting up a lock pick village at Maker Faire again this year. Come on by, pick locks and check out all the makers. We’ll have a 15 presentation every hour, followed by time for you to practice on our