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Rule #2

Never pick a lock that you rely upon.

On the security of locks

We go to various events throughout the year teaching people how to pick locks. There’s a handful of questions that always come up. As I’m reading some of Chubb’s writings, this strikes me as relevant. This comes after the robbing

Some cool old locks

I just wanted to post about some of these cool locks that showed up to our meeting this week. A newbie showed up with a box full of fun things. Pictured below are an Egyptian lock that he says is

Lock teardown

Great video of a tear down of a great lock.

Locksport References

Elvencraft compiled a handy list of locksport references; books, videos, groups, anything you might be searching for.

Lockpick earrings

Just in time for, um, I don’t know. Some holiday.


I’ve seen this image making the rounds online. A great illustration of how lock picking works, I thought. I’ll probably make use of it at the next A2 Mini Maker Faire. Here’s the source video.

A2 Maker Faire

The mini maker faire is over, and it was fun. Thanks to everybody who stopped by our table. It’s always fun seeing someone get their first lock open. I hope you all had a good time. Hopefully we see some


Oh, hey, look: TOOOL was on QI. Series K, episode 8 was about keys. Host Stephen Fry asked the players, what is the best way to keep members of The Open Organization Of Lockpickers out of your door. The proper